Bellajura Tiny but amazing granny flat

granny flat
granny flat

Granny flat is made for few persons. It is independent house and it is a
part of one bigger home, like a small house for your parent. It is
described as a small apartment or cottage where old people can live and
be near their family, but it depends on your needs what will you use it

Ballajura is a place near Perth in Western Australia (14km north). It is
great location for living and it is famous for fascinating architecture
which is modern but still traditional. Ballajura granny flat is designed
as a 60m2 house, which is not very big. It is important to say that these
houses are characterised as tiny ones so you can’t really expect much
comfort and place for things, but if you use place rational, you will
have enough for everything. They can be made as weekend houses.

But on the other hand, it is super adorable and you can make it looks so
personal. Everything you need is at one place and it really feels like
heart warming home which is made just for you. You will fall in love with
this super affordable little house in this area. The design is unique.
There is a wide range of this tiny flat designs to suit your individual
lifestyle and needs. Some of them include one or two bedrooms, kitchen,
bathroom, even a garage. You can add some lighting and it can look like a
super modern home.

In this part of Australia, the popularity of these type of houses is
getting bigger very fast. People like them and we are constantly making
new ways to improve them. This houses are showed as an excellent solution
and a popular development option for everyone! No matter how much space
you think you need, they will show you that quality is always over